Why do I keep hitting my forearm with my bow string?

If you’re gripping down too tightly with your bow hand that rotates the bow so that once released your string ends up closer to your forearm than it should. Most archer’s shoot with an open grip that reduces torque and allows the bow to be rotated away from your bow arm lowering the chances of slapping your arm.

How do you stop string slap in archery?

To help prevent string slap what you can do is stand in a wider stance with your feet slightly more apart. Remember not to bend backwards when you are pulling. Avoid fatigue fatigue causes bad posture and in turn can easily cause string slap.

Does a crossbow make sound?

A medieval crossbow makes a creaking sound when the string is drawn back unless a wench is used then there is a clanking sound from the gears on the wench.08-Oct-2009