Which is no 1 game in world?

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?Game titlePublisher1.MinecraftMojang Studios2.The Sims 4Electronic Arts3.FortniteEpic Games4.Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve16 more rows

Who is the best PUBG player in world?

The Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World Right Now. By Rupesh Nair. Carrilho. Brazilian Esports star Lucas \”Carrilho\” Miguel has been a destructive force in South America with the Alpha7 Esports star being crowned as the best player in the region.NOOzy. Jonathan. Zuxxy. Order. Paraboy. Sc0utOP.23-Jun-2022

Is UMP Best SMG?

Each weapon has a specific damage per shot. All SMGs except one have damage ranging from 26 to 29. The exception is UMP-45 which has 35. That makes the UMP the best SMG at least in terms of damage dealt right?

Which bullet is best in PUBG?

The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the most powerful gun and the only weapon in the game that can one-hit KO against a level 3 helmet. It carries a massive base damage of 120 and can only be looted from supply drops.29-Apr-2020

Is SCAR L better than M416?

M416 Vs SCAR L: Firing Rate So M416 is a little stronger than SCAR-L. The firing rate of M416 (0.086) is a little bit higher than that of SCAR-L (0.096). So M416 is a little stronger than SCAR-L. But as M416 has a higher firing rate it runs out of ammo faster (3.28s).11-Jun-2020

Which is better kar98 or Win94?

The Kar98K It makes up for speed with its 75-hit damage. This can also use a scope as an attachment. All of the snipers after the Win94 have the ability to equip a scope giving them a considerable advantage at distance.10-Dec-2019

Which is best sniper in PUBG?

Here are the best sniper rifles in PUBG and where they can be found in the game.AWM. The AWM is one of the most dominant snipers in PUBG PC. M24. The next most powerful gun in the game is the M24 which is a bolt-action rifle just like the AWM and could be called AWM’s younger brother. Mk14 EBR. Mini 14. Kar98k. SKS.

What is P92 in PUBG?

The P92 is a pistol type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. Originally designed in 1972 the Beretta 92FS (simply called the P92 in-game) is still in production today. The United States while still using the M1911 in certain applications adopted the Model 92 in 1985 to replace the standard Model 1911A1 .

Which grip is best for M416 in PUBG Mobile?

Light Grip. The light grip is the best grip for M416 in single-tap fire mode. It increases the pinpoint accuracy of many stable weapons such as M416 Vector and M16A4. Therefore the light grip is a nice choice for long-range combat if you want to use M416 as a DMR.15-Jan-2021

Is Mosin Nagant better than M24?

The M24 is currently the second-best sniper rifle in the game. It has lesser base damage than Kar-98 or Mosin-Nagant [79] but it deal greater damage because of its higher fire rate and bullet speed [790m/s].10-Mar-2021