Where are Trijicon scopes made?

The vast majority of Trijicon products including ACOG® VCOG® RMR® RMR®cc SRO® MRO® Iron Sights MGRS® CCAS® Thermal Optics Mounts and Archery Sights are designed engineered machined and assembled at our facilities in Wixom Michigan or Auburn California and are therefore 100% Made in the USA.

Who owns Nightforce?

Nightforce Optics is a U.S. based company that is owned and operated by an Australian company called Lightforce Performance Lighting. Nightforce was originally founded by an Australian.

How far will a Ravin R29 shoot?

The R29X Sniper Package is capable of shooting 3-inch groups at 100 yards at speeds up to 450 FPS.10-Jul-2020

Is the Ravin R29 worth the money?

The bow comes pre-assembled and pre-tuned from the manufacturer and can be shot right out of the box. Overall the R29 is by far the best Ravin Crossbow to buy so if you have the budget get it you won’t be disappointed!

What’s the difference between Ravin R29 and R29X?

Ravin’s R29X crossbow is a more powerful upgrade to the company’s standard R29. The “X” means it’s touted to launch a 400-grain arrow at 450 fps for 180 ft. -lbs. of bone-shattering kinetic energy.17-Aug-2022

What is the speed of the Ravin R29X?

Ravin’s R29X is a speedster with an advertised speed of 450 fps with a 400-grain bolt. Those numbers are possible in large part due to Ravin’s HeliCoil cam technology and its resulting 340 degrees of cam rotation.22-Sept-2020

How many FPS is the Ravin R29?

The new R29 is an incredible 5.5 inches shorter than the R20 and still delivers arrows at 430 FPS with a punishing 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy.

How far can you shoot a Ravin crossbow?

The new Ravin R10 crossbow is unique unusual and surprisingly accurate. “Lightweight compact and accurate to 100 yards” is enough to send any crossbow-fancier into a swoon.21-Jun-2019

Are Ravin crossbows reliable?

5.0 out of 5 stars Best experience ever with ANY hunting gear! Not only is this the most repeatable accurate crossbow on the market the customer service is over the top great!

What scope is on Ravin R29X sniper?

The Ravin R29X Sniper comes with a tactical scope and elevation mount. It’s not often that a crossbow is pre-tuned perfectly but this tactical scope was spot on when I had the chance to shoot it. The scope is attached to a jack plate adjustable elevation mount.19-Mar-2020