What’s the difference between Ravin R26 and R29?

The Ravin R26 measures a remarkable 5.75″ wide when cocked and 9.25″ when cocked. It’s bigger brother the R29 only measures 6″ wide when cocked and 10.5″ when un-cocked. One question we get a lot is why does it matter? Well in a hunting scenario it can be advantageous in numerous different setups.14-Oct-2019

How far will a Ravin R26 shoot?

It’s short lightweight compact design was tailor-made for still-hunting in thick brush and its 400-fps arrow speed made short work of all targets out to 40 yards. The quick and easy hand-crank cocking system was a joy to work with and performed flawlessly every time.13-Aug-2020

What year did the Ravin R29 come out?

Ravin released the Ravin R29 back in early 2019.01-Oct-2020

Are Ravin crossbows Made in USA?

They are only assembled in the USA. Ravin is now owned by a company called Velocity Outdoors. This parent company also owns CenterPoint crossbows. Ravin crossbows are currently designed made and assembled in Superior Wisconsin.12-Jan-2019

How good are Ravin crossbows?

The Ravin R29X is easy to sum up: It is accurate (best three-shot group we have ever had during a crossbow review I believe) fast (within 1 fps of the advertised speed) super-compact and maneuverable (feels like I could holster and draw it as fast as a revolver in the Wild West) extremely easy to operate and safe.22-Sept-2020

How much does a Ravin R29X weigh?

The length remains 29 inches and weighs a light 6.75 pounds and when fully drawn the R29X is 6 inches axle-axle. Draw weight is 300lbs. Including an ergonomic grip this crossbow is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and gives hunters and shooters great control without sacrificing comfort.

What kind of scope comes with Ravin crossbows?

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package with Illuminated 1.5-5x32mm Scope Predator Camouflage.

How fast does a Ravin R26 shoot?

Despite its diminutive stature the Ravin R26 crossbow spits out 20-inch bolts at an incredible 400 feet per second making it one of the fastest crossbows around.25-Jun-2021

How fast is a Raven 10 crossbow?

Measuring 33-inches in overall length and tipping the scale at 6.8-pounds this compact crossbow features Ravin’s advanced Helicoil technology 6-inch axle-to-axle width and produces speeds of over 400 fps.

What year did the Ravin R10 crossbow come out?

Ravin launched the R10 in 2019 and it remains in the crossbow manufacturer’s lineup today.17-Aug-2022