What voids Vortex warranty?

This warranty shall be considered void if equipment is misused improperly installed inappropriately stored operated beyond rated limitations damaged neglected altered/ changed/ repaired/ or modified in any way. Vortex shall not be liable for any repairs performed without their written approval.

Do you have to register Vortex scope for warranty?

No and no! We don’t need a receipt and there is no registration necessary. If your item ever needs warranty service just follow the directions for our VIP Warranty to send it in for service.

Where are vortex Strike Eagle scopes made?

The bulk of Vortex’s rifle scopes production occurs in China. This includes the Diamondback Tactical FFP (First Focal Plane) Strike Eagle and Crossfire rifle scopes product lines. Asia seems to be the place for optics.22-Aug-2022

Is FFP or SFP better for hunting?

In general FFP is great for long range high magnification competition and some professional tactical and hunting applications. SFP is very good for most target shooting hunting and CQB performance.02-Jun-2022

Is first focal plane better for long range?

Takeaway: Front Focal Plane is optimal. Scopes without FFP are a pain for long range versus the quick dialing on turrets with it (with SFP you need to do all the BDC calculations and only on full power). Get a scope with zero stops for an easy return to zero.

What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd focal plane?

A riflescope’s reticle is placed in either the first focal plane (FFP) or the second focal plane (SFP). The main difference between them is that an SFP reticle will appear to be the same size regardless of magnification.

What battery does the Vortex Strike Eagle use?

The Strike Eagle features Vortex’s own AR-BDC reticle. The AR-BDC is glass etched and illuminated with 11 power options. Power source is one CR 2032 battery and Vortex estimates 150 hours of battery life on maximum intensity. One thoughtful feature is a spare battery compartment under the windage turret cap.12-Apr-2016

What size MOA dot should I get?

The 3 MOA reticle size is the best option if your goal is to shoot more precisely. Aim small miss small with the 3 MOA. A 3 MOA dot covers less of the target and is versatile enough to be used at varying distances— a great balance between precision and speed.22-Aug-2022

Is 6 MOA dot too big?

Now for defensive purposes a 6 MOA dot is just fine; 3 inches at 50 yards is more than precise enough. Even going up to 8 to 9 MOA for defensive purposes is just fine; that’s 4 to 4.5 inches at 50 yards which for center-mass hits is plenty precise enough.12-Feb-2020

What range are red dot sights good for?

Red dot sights can be adequate on rifles or short-barreled rifles up to 300 yards but most shooters typically prefer using them within 100 yards.05-Aug-2021