What size tube is a Vortex Strike Eagle?

Tube Size 30 mm diameter provides maximized internal adjustment and strength.

Is trijicon Made in USA?

The vast majority of Trijicon products including ACOG® VCOG® RMR® RMR®cc SRO® MRO® Iron Sights MGRS® CCAS® Thermal Optics Mounts and Archery Sights are designed engineered machined and assembled at our facilities in Wixom Michigan or Auburn California and are therefore 100% Made in the USA.

Are locking turrets necessary?

It does not have standard locking turrets as they are not necessary.

What does zero stop mean on a scope?

The zero stop stops the turret when it gets to the preset distance. In some scopes the zero stop stops the turret rotation a few clicks below zero. That gives the user the possibility to dial under the preset zero. But in most cases it stops at zero. This is a great feature for people who shoot long-range.02-Aug-2018

Do Vortex scopes have zero stop?

The CRS Zero Stop system is available on the following Vortex scope lines: Vortex Viper HS LR series. Vortex Viper HST series.

What does PST stand for Vortex?

The Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 FFP Rifle Scope EBR-4 MOA belongs to the new generation of Viper PST II riflescopes. PST stands for Precision Shooting Tactical these rifle scopes are for shooters who are looking for precision.

What does EBR stand for on vortex scopes?

Vortex Optics has designed EBR (Enhanced Battle Reticles) reticles keeping in mind the needs of long distance shooters. With Vortex EBR reticle options long range shooters can effectively determine ranges moving target leads windage and holdover corrections.09-May-2017

What does EBR-4 MOA mean?

The EBR-4 reticle is based on minute-of-angle (MOA) subtensions. MOA measurements are based on degrees and minutes: 360 degrees in a circle 60 minutes in a degree for a total of 21600 minutes. These angular measurements are used to estimate range and correct for bullet trajectory drop in riflescopes.

Is vortex a good scope?

The Vortex Viper HS 4-16×50 is the best overall scope for long-range shooting. It’s the jack of all trades: durable adaptable and affordable all in a sexy matte finish. I’ve had this rifle scope for 2 years now and it’s held zero like the first day I bought it and took it to the range. It’s that good.22-Aug-2022

What is the best rifle scope in the world?

The 10 Best Rifle ScopesVortex Viper PST 1-4×24: Best for AR-15.Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout: Best Scout Scope.Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×50: Best Hunting Scope.Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50: Best Rifle Scope Under $500.Athlon Argos BTR 6-24×50: Best Long Range Optic for the Money.More items•22-Aug-2022