What size bolts does a Barnett Quad 400 use?

Bolts. Barnett ships the Quad 400 with 3 22” arrows. The arrows are by no means outstanding but they are quite good for sighting in the scope and target shooting.

How far will a Barnett recruit crossbow shoot?

The Barnett Recruit might be a small crossbow but you can expect big things from it as a hunter as long as you’re within the “highly accurate” range of your game. I took the Recruit moose hunting and managed to get within 35 yards of a nice-sized bull moose.

What size arrows do I need for my Barnett crossbow?

Barnett crossbows require arrows weighing a minimum of 400 grains.

What scope comes with Barnett XP400?

A formidable foe for that trophy buck! The Explorer XP400 comes ready-to-hunt with two carbon arrows 4x32mm multi-reticle scope rope cocking device and lightweight quiver all included.

What Nocks do Barnett Crossbows use?

Barnett manual says to use half moon nocks. This is due to the way the string sits when the crossbow is cocked.26-Sept-2015

Why is my crossbow shooting high?

If the right limb is lower than the left the bolt will shoot right and perhaps high or low depending upon the range. If the left limb is lower than the right the bolt will shoot left and higher or lower. Make it a point to keep the limbs level; this is crucial to consistent crossbow accuracy.16-Apr-2012

How far will a 400 fps crossbow shoot?

Well A modern crossbow firing at 400 FPS can shoot a bolt almost 5000 feet if shot at a 45-degree angle. If the crossbow is perfectly level it can shoot about 240 feet. To understand why these numbers are so different you have to understand the factors that affect crossbow range and math that goes along with it.

What distance should I zero my crossbow?

Your goal is to “zero” the top-most reticle or dot for a specific distance (20 yards in almost all cases unless instructed otherwise by the crossbow manufacturer).

How far do deer run after being shot with a crossbow?

In many instances it will jump or flinch as the arrow hits before bounding away. It seldom runs hard and will usually appear to lope. The distance it travels before stopping could vary from only a few yards to 100 yards. In many cases a deer with an abdomen wound will stop within 50 yards.06-May-2021

What grain arrow should I shoot in my crossbow?

Standard Weight Arrows (400-459 Grains) The standard weight crossbow arrows are properly named since most manufacturers include arrows weighing between 400-450 grains in a standard crossbow package. Also when looking at a crossbows speed most manufacturers advertise the speed as shot with a 400 grain arrow.