What is your most used weapon?

Designs produced in numbers exceeding 1 millionModel or seriesClass of firearmHigh estimate of productionIMI UziSubmachine gun10000000Arisaka Type 30/38/99Bolt-action rifle10000000GlockSemi-automatic pistol10000000Makarov pistol1000000093 more rows

Whats better crossbow or bow?

The greatest advantage the crossbow has over the compound bow is the ability to maintain a loaded ready to fire condition whereas the compound bow though faster when loading may lose out on a shot to the crossbow.

Is crossbow better than bow MC?

Durability. A Crossbow degrades faster than a Bow: it lasts 326 uses against 385 of a Bow (1 Arrow shot = 1 use). And if we consider that a Crossbow it’s more “expensive” to make it becomes a relevant factor to consider. Both of them can be repaired in 4 different ways by combining two Bows or two Crossbows.

Are crossbows illegal?

Crossbows can be bought and owned by adults over 18 years of age while in most states crossbows can only be owned with a special licence for instance for members of an official sporting club. Control on transport of crossbows between states has increased to prevent unauthorised use of imported crossbows.

Is MK14 best gun in PUBG?

The Mark 14 popularly known as MK14 is one of the most potent viable and versatile guns in PUBG Mobile. It is a supply drop firearm of the DMR class that consumes 7.62mm bullets and has ten rounds in one magazine.16-Oct-2020

Is the SKS a sniper?

The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) is a designated marksman rifle being a middle ground between a typical assault rifle and a sniper rifle.