What is the price of 8x scope?

Aluminium Black 8x Rifle Scope Lens Rs 4500/piece Infinite Bio International | ID: 24245771630.

Is S12K a shotgun?

The Saiga-12K (referred to as the S12K in-game) is a shotgun in BATTLEGROUNDS. A semi-automatic magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun it is able to lay down an obscene amount of damage over a wide area since it doesn’t need to be manually cycled between shots.

Is AKM better than UMP45?

Therefore PUBG’s AKM is stronger than UMP45 in one shot. However actual damage also depends on other stats such as rate of fire and accuracy. AKM will do around 480 damage per second while UMP45 can deal around 483 damage per second. You have to remember that you only need to do 100 damage to take down an enemy.15-Mar-2022

Which gun has the least recoil in PUBG?

The AUG A3 is also known as the gun with “no recoil”. The recoil of the gun is extremely low and players can control it very easily even if they are beginners.20-Oct-2021

Who is the top player of PUBG?

The Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World Right Now. By Rupesh Nair. Carrilho. Brazilian Esports star Lucas \”Carrilho\” Miguel has been a destructive force in South America with the Alpha7 Esports star being crowned as the best player in the region.NOOzy. Jonathan. Zuxxy. Order. Paraboy. Sc0utOP.23-Jun-2022

How rare is the 15x scope?

The 15x Scope is the last and rarest scope most commonly found from Air Drops. It allows visibility of roughly 1/16 of the map.

How do I aim faster in PUBG?

How to Improve Aim in PUBGAdjust PUBG Sensitivity to Improve Aim in PUBG. Enabling Aim Assist will improve Aim in PUBG. Adjust the Crosshair Position will Improve Aim in PUBG. Improve Aim In PUBG by Bringing in the Gyroscope. Camera Sensitivity. Camera + Scope Settings. Aim Down Sight (ADS) sensitivity. Gyroscope.More items

Which is better DP 28 vs M416?

The horizontal recoil of M416 is higher than DP-28. So DP-28 is the most stable and balanced gun in the short-range fire without attachment. AKM has the greatest gun recoil among these three weapons. When you attach suppressors grips and stock to reduce the gun recoil M416 becomes the most stable weapon among them.19-Dec-2020

What is the strongest gun in PUBG?

PUBG: Top 10 best weaponsAWM. AWM is essentially the only tool you need to win the game if you hide and snipe. Frag Grenade. There is no better grenade to use if you want to deal damage than the frag. GROZA. Only an airdrop will allow you to obtain a GROZA. Kar98K. M416. Molotov Cocktail. P18C. Pan.More items•12-Jul-2022

Is MK12 good PUBG?

Being a marksman rifle the PUBG MK12 is several times more powerful than other weapons of the same class. Using a 556 with a base magazine of 20 rounds which can be extended to 30 this weapon will impress with incredible strong damage and excellent range.23-Dec-2021