What is the fastest compound bow for 2022?

8 of the Fastest New Bows for 20221 | Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo. 2 | Hoyt Highline. 3 | Xpedition Archery Smoke. 4 | Mathews V3X 29. 5 | Prime Inline 5. 6 | Bowtech SR350. 7 | Bear Refine EKO. 8 | Elite Envision. Elite bows are known for being smooth and the new Envision is no exception.More items•19-Jan-2022

Are Bear Archery bows made in USA?

Bear Archery was not one of the first compound bow manufacturers but eventually found success with early models like the Whitetail Hunter. Bear Archery moved manufacturing from Michigan to Gainesville Florida in 1978.

Where are bear Recurves made?

Bear bows are made in Gainesville Florida.28-Aug-2013