What has the highest torpor in Ark?

Increasing Torpidity on Humans and CreaturesNarcoberries (7.5 points over 3 seconds)Narcotic (40 over 8 seconds)Bio Toxin (80 over 16 seconds)Ascerbic Mushroom (25 points over 2 seconds)

How many rockets does it take to knockout a titanosaur?

Can you knock out a giga with a cannon?

Cannonballs will not knock out a giga for taming.12-Jul-2018

Do gigas take headshot damage?

I keep hearing people mention aiming for headshots for dinos like Gigas Brontos Rexes Carnos etc. and realized that a lot of people don’t realize that those dinos don’t actually have headshot modifiers. In fact MOST dinos do not.08-Apr-2016

How much torpor does a scorpion do?

\”The torpor gained from a sting is equal to 3x the damage dealt. A level 1 Scorpion will have 100% melee damage dealing 15 damage and therefore 45 torpor. At 200% melee damage it will deal 30 damage and 90 torpor.\”26-Jul-2019

Can you use tranq arrows with a crossbow ark?

Are crossbows better than compound bows?

As the bow is shot the string on a conventional compound bow pushes the arrow more than twice the distance as when a crossbow is shot. Therefore to produce the same arrow speeds a crossbow must have more than twice the draw weight of a compound bow.

Are there guns in Ark?

The Simple Pistol is the first gun that you will get access to at level 34 with a cost of 15 engram points. Though boasting less damage per shot than a charged bow-shot it can fire 6 shots before having to be reloaded.

Does compound bow do more damage than Crossbow ark?

Though the Compound Bow has less damage per shot than the Crossbow arrows fired from the Compound Bow fly faster and further as stated in the description.

Is Tek rifle good ark?

The Tek Rifle has no magazine but does overheat. It has 50 shots per element. The Tek Rifle loses 1 durability every 20 shots and an additional 2 durability when a projectile or its splash damage hits a mineable resource such as small trees. A 296.6% Tek Rifle deals 711 damage per bolt to creatures with no armor.