What happens after you defeat Lord Harkon?

Once Harkon is killed all the vampires outside will be found dead afterward. Some of the Dawnguard members may be found perished too. Either way proceed to the door to the Volkihar Cathedral where Lord Harkon waits.

Do you add DEX mod to crossbow damage?

Benefit: When shooting with a crossbow you add your dexterity modifier to damage. You must be within 30 feet of your target to deal this extra damage.05-May-2013

Can you shoot a crossbow with a shield?

RAW no. You can HOLD a crossbow and benefit from a shield but you can’t fire one. Even a 1H hand crossbow requires a free hand to load the bolt. Most DMs would allow you to pre-load a bolt and then strap on your shield giving you a single shot before the crossbow becomes useless but that’s a house rule.12-Jul-2020

Does dexterity increase bow damage?

Strength increases physical damage from bow dexterity increases pierce and bleeding damage from your skills.23-Feb-2020

Can you use crossbow expert with a heavy crossbow?

Usually when using crossbow expert folks just fire the hand crossbow three times and have the other hand free for loading the crossbow. In your case you want to use a heavy crossbow which requires two hands and then follow up with a hand crossbow but then it seems to me that you would run into loading issues.02-Apr-2020

How much damage does a heavy crossbow do?

Heavy CrossbowRate of Fire21Damage2000Accuracy96Stability9617 more rows

Can you dual wield hand crossbows?

So the answer is no you cannot dual wield hand crossbows then since one hand needs to be available to load it as part of the attack. You can wield one and fire the same one twice using the extra attack feature as long as your other hand is free to load it. That’s partially correct.12-Jan-2021

Does crossbow expert work with bows?

Crossbow Expert allows a player to get the same use out of their crossbow that players using other weapons get with their long and short bows as well as allowing for close-range crossbow action.

Is a Light crossbow one-handed?

Normally operating a light crossbow requires two hands. However you can shoot but not load a light crossbow with one hand at a -2 penalty on attack rolls. You can shoot a light crossbow with each hand but you take a penalty on attack rolls as if attacking with two light weapons.

Does crossbow expert work with guns?

All they did was take the third bullet point from the Crossbow Expert feat and adapt it to firearms. I’m sure they did it to maintain balance. When you use the Attack action and attack with a one-handed weapon you can use a bonus action to attack with a hand crossbow you are holding.