What causes an arrow to fishtail?

Registered. If by fishtailing you mean moving left and right and not up and down then it could very well be arrow spine. Either too stiff or too weak. Try putting a heavier tip on your arrows or lengthening them.02-Jul-2005

When sighting in a bow Do you follow the arrow?

“Follow the arrow” when adjusting your front sight. That is if your arrows are grouping below and to the right of the bull’s eye on the target move your front sight down and to the right.

How do you walk your back to tune a bow?

What is a good group at 20 yards with a bow?

Archery Addict More realistically 3\” at 20 4\”at 30 5/40 etc. is still well above average and plenty good enough for hunting. If you are shooting for scores stop shooting groups and used the dots on your target as your measuring stick and only shoot one arrow per dot.09-Jun-2016

What is the average bow shot on a deer?

Some archers flatly condemn shots beyond 20 or 30 yards yet official statistics from Pope and Young and other record clubs support a more practical view of shot distance on deer. For whitetail deer entered into the P&Y record book average shot distance is about 19 yards.04-Nov-2010

What is considered a good group for archery?

Registered. 4\” is what was said in the general archery form as well.20-Jan-2014

Why are my arrows all over the target?

If your arrows are outside the parameters set for your specific bow then the spine is going to be too weak or too stiff. In either case accuracy will suffer especially with fixed-blade broadheads.07-Mar-2018

Why am I not accurate with my bow?

A tight white-knuckle grip will tense your entire bow arm and severely degrade accuracy. Most top bow shots lightly touch their thumb to forefinger or middle finger in front of the grip. If you cannot seem to master a loose grip try an open bow hand with a wrist sling.15-Jun-2018

Does arrow length affect accuracy?

Yes longer arrows are more stable. It has to do with rear lever arm. The longer it is the more stable. This is why to get a short arrow to have the same stability you increase foc.30-Jul-2017

How do you get consistent anchor points?