Is the Vortex Strike Eagle a good scope?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 is rugged reliable and reasonably priced. Plus it’s perfect for long range and distance shooting. That said the Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50’s wide magnification range makes this scope versatile. It’s a top choice for close and mid range shooters too.22-Aug-2022

How far can you shoot with Vortex Strike Eagle?

The new illuminated BDC3 reticle focuses the shooter’s eye to the target faster and holdovers allow for immediate use out to 650 yards for targets of known distance. The fast focus dial on the eyepiece allows for quick and easy reticle focusing.

What caliber is the Vortex Strike Eagle rated for?

Strike Eagle Use 223 and 7.62/. 308 rifles. There are even instructions on how to go about zeroing the optic for each included in the box for this optic.07-Sept-2021

What is the difference between Vortex Viper and Strike Eagle?

The major differences are in the optic coatings and quality the PST is one generation better than the Strike Eagle and the price difference is based on the newer and better performing optics. The bottom line is this; if you need a long-range inexpensive but high-quality scope then the Strike Eagle is your choice.

Is Vortex Strike Eagle made in China?

The bulk of Vortex’s rifle scopes production occurs in China. This includes the Diamondback Tactical FFP (First Focal Plane) Strike Eagle and Crossfire rifle scopes product lines. Asia seems to be the place for optics.22-Aug-2022

Is Vortex Strike Eagle good for hunting?

Great for hunting target shooting CQB tactical and 3-gun shooting the Strike Eagle is a great match for the AR-15. I enjoyed shooting the reticle and throw lever combo and got some great shots off at my local range with the AR I had it attached to.13-Mar-2021

Is the Vortex Strike Eagle durable?

Strike Eagle Riflescopes boast those features in a trim lightweight durable package.

How long does the battery last in a Vortex Strike Eagle?

The Strike Eagle features Vortex’s own AR-BDC reticle. The AR-BDC is glass etched and illuminated with 11 power options. Power source is one CR 2032 battery and Vortex estimates 150 hours of battery life on maximum intensity.12-Apr-2016

How far can 5 25×56 scope See?

The 5-25x is the ultimate sniper scope for long-range platforms and large calibers. High power and equivalent elevation travel extend your range beyond 1500 meters with outstanding visibility even in lowest light.

Where are vortex scopes made?

Today most of the affordable Vortex binoculars and riflescopes are proudly manufactured in China.24-Nov-2021