Is ATN a US company?

ATN has created and developed advanced electro-optics for over 20 years in the USA. Headquartered in South San Francisco CA – ATN takes great pride in cutting-edge manufacturing processes and our innovative R&D department.

Who owns ATN Corp?

Marc Vayn founder and chairman of ATN Corp. ATN Corp. In two years the company has expanded its local presence from a small satellite office into a 35000-square-foot facility.11-May-2022

Where are pulsar scopes made?

Made in Europe flag The majority of PULSAR advanced devices are developed designed manufactured packed and sent out to our worldwide distributors from our factories in Europe. We develop optics and electro-optics with enhanced functionality for both professional and leisure adventures.

What does ATN stand for thermal scopes?

American Technologies Network Corporation Manufactures and Distributes the widest array of Night Vision Equipment in the world. With over 150 models to choose from in Night Vision Day/Night Scopes or state-of-the-art Day Time Riflescopes ATN got you cover 24/7.

What thermal scopes are made in America?

TrijiconACOG® VCOG® RMR® RMR®cc SRO® MRO® Iron Sights MGRS® CCAS® Thermal Optics Ventus™ Mounts and Archery Sights are designed and manufactured in the USA of 100 percent USA sourced products.Accupoint rifle scopes are assembled in the USA with parts that are substantially sourced from Japan.More items

Can you use an ATN thermal scope during the day?

Yes the ATN ThOR LT 3-6x50mm Thermal Rifle Scope can be used during the day.

Can you use ATN scopes during the day?

No you cannot use your analog night vision during the day.

How far can you see with ATN ThOR 4?

This rangefinder has a range of up to 1000 yards is Hands Free and will work with ATN’s X-Sight II X-Sight 4k and Thor 4 Thermal Scopes!

Can you see a snake with a thermal scope?

Modern thermal imaging cameras for hunting allow you to detect a thermal target in all light conditions. Grass and bushes are not significant obstacles. However a thermal imaging camera will not be enough for snake detection.22-Dec-2021

Can you see deer antlers with thermal imaging?

Typically deer have antlers so the thermal should be able to definitively tell you that none of your deer have horns. With a thermal you can see the antlers when they are growing in and there is blood running in them. When they stop growing and harden you most likely can’t see them especially at any distance.