How long does a crossbow string last?

A: There is no set amount of time for a crossbow string. Many factors contribute to the life of your crossbow string. The care and maintenance of your crossbow string is a large factor on how long it will last. A good rule of thumb is to change your crossbow string every 2 years but most seem to go 4-5 years.09-Mar-2018

Can you use regular arrows in a crossbow?

A crossbow arrow is an aluminum or carbon shaft tipped with a broadhead for hunting or a field point for practice with feathers or vanes attached to the other end. Crossbow arrows are shorter than regular arrows and are usually 18\” to 22\” long. Do not use a regular arrow with a crossbow.

What size bolts does a Barnett xp400 shoot?

Great Starter Crossbow It shoots very accurately with Barnett 20 inch carbon bolts.

What is the warranty on Barnett Crossbows?

New 2010 Barnett Crossbow purchases are covered under a five year limited warranty. This warranty covers the stock trigger mechanism and limb assembly. Our liability extends to parts labor and return transportation to the customer and is non-transferable.

How fast does a Barnett XP 380 shoot?

The XP380 features a pass-through foregrip adjustable butt stock and exclusive Strikeā„¢ black camo for a complete package that looks good and shoots better. Laminated limbs add extra durability allowing the compound crossbow to reach speeds up to 380 feet per second.

Are flat nocks good for crossbows?

The flat nock is the oldest of the nock designs and is also the most simple. It is as its name would suggest just a flat disk on the back of a crossbow arrow. It allows for the placement of the arrow in just about any configuration on the arrow track and allows for slight vertical movements of the string when firing.

How good are Barnett crossbows?

Barnett has a wide range of crossbow models but the Whitetail Hunter STR is one of the best values. Part of this is because it’s a ready-to-hunt package that includes a number of great accessories. For example the multi-reticle scope helps you shoot the 375 FPS accurately even if you haven’t shot a lot of crossbows.

Can you use alpha nocks on any crossbow?

COMPATIBILITY – The Alpha-Nock can be used in TenPoint Wicked Ridge or Horton Crossbow Innovations crossbows with the Alpha-Nock Receiver system. Not compatible with crossbows that require the Alpha-Nock HP Bushing such as the Nitro 505.

Should a crossbow string rest on the rail?

By having the string positioned just slightly above the rail you are not only more precisely aligned with the center of the arrows nock but it also insures that your strings servings are not going to be excessively worn by rubbing against the rail on each shot.09-Nov-2014

Do you chase the arrow when sighting in a crossbow?