How fast does the Barnett whitetail hunter 2 shoot?

Delivering great performance in the stand or blind this compact and lightweight crossbow fires arrows up to 350 fps with 103 ft. lbs. of energy. Just 6.4 lbs. this crossbow measures just 13.25\” from axle-to-axle when cocked for easy handling in tight hunting spots.

When was the bear whitetail hunter bow made?

The all-new Whitetail Legend is a nod to the classic Whitetail Hunter bow first introduced by our founder Fred Bear in the 1970s.

How fast does a Barnett XP 380 shoot?

The XP380 features a pass-through foregrip adjustable butt stock and exclusive Strikeā„¢ black camo for a complete package that looks good and shoots better. Laminated limbs add extra durability allowing the compound crossbow to reach speeds up to 380 feet per second.

How long can I leave a Barnett crossbow cocked?

Barnett does not recommend leaving a crossbow cocked for more than four continuous hours.

Why is my crossbow shooting high?

If the right limb is lower than the left the bolt will shoot right and perhaps high or low depending upon the range. If the left limb is lower than the right the bolt will shoot left and higher or lower. Make it a point to keep the limbs level; this is crucial to consistent crossbow accuracy.16-Apr-2012

How often do you have to replace crossbow strings?

We recommend changing the string and cables on your crossbow every two years.

How many FPS is a good crossbow?

Most any crossbow will shoot accurately out to 100 yards with good arrows and a good shooter behind it. For shots out to 40 yards or so most any 330 FPS to 350 FPS crossbow will be more than fast enough.24-Nov-2017

Is there a difference between a crossbow scope and a rifle scope?

Rifles are designed to engage targets at much longer ranges than crossbows; consequently rifle scopes are designed for ranges of 100 yards and beyond while crossbow scopes are designed for short ranges of 20 to 50 yards. This is the primary reason that the scopes are not interchangeable.

What do the lines mean on a crossbow scope?

This means that the closer your crossbow shoots to this speed the closer each of the lines/dots on the scope will represent dead-on distances of 20- 30- 40-yards and so on.01-Aug-2019

Do crossbows require special scopes?

Many hunters do successfully mount a riflescope on their crossbow and have good results. However manufacturers design riflescopes for rifles. Crossbows bring different challenges and require different specifications for scopes.