How fast does a Ravin R20 shoot?

With a 12.5-inch power stroke the R20 inflicts speeds over 430 FPS and 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Shooting 3-inch groups at 100 yards this crossbow is sure to impress bow hunters and gun enthusiasts alike!

Are Ravin crossbows safe?

Hazard identified If the white nock is not fully engaged with the bowstring the Ravin® Crossbow can fail to discharge when the trigger is pulled and can result in the bow discharging while re-nocking of the arrow posing a laceration hazard to users.18-Aug-2021

What is the smallest Ravin crossbow?

R18: Small but mighty The R18 is the shortest Ravin ever created – just 25\” in total length and 18\” without the stock. Our VertiCoil Cam System rotates the ultra-small cams 720º allowing for unbelievable compactness. Includes detachable stock and built-in cocking mechanism for easy drawing.

What’s the difference between Ravin R26 and R29?

The Ravin R26 measures a remarkable 5.75″ wide when cocked and 9.25″ when cocked. It’s bigger brother the R29 only measures 6″ wide when cocked and 10.5″ when un-cocked. One question we get a lot is why does it matter? Well in a hunting scenario it can be advantageous in numerous different setups.14-Oct-2019

What Target does Ravin crossbow use?

The only archery targets with the necessary stopping power and durability to stand up to Ravin Crossbows without damaging your arrows are SpyderWeb Targets.08-Jan-2019

Are Ravin crossbows quiet?

Ravin Crossbows This crossbow offers everything a crossbow hunter is looking for. It is fast quiet and notably the most compact crossbow on the market.

What Broadhead does Ravin recommend?

Apex Hunters swear by the Ravin Titanium Broadhead – utilizing Ti6AL4V Grade 5 titanium and packed with features for ultimate penetration and performance. This 100-grain mechanical broadhead features a single piece ferrule and internal spring clip.

What is the fastest shooting crossbow on the market?

Meet the Nitro 505. With speed of 505 feet-per-second and 227-foot pounds of blistering power the Nitro 505 is the fastest crossbow on the market and the most powerful crossbow ever built by TenPoint.

Are Ravin crossbows made in China?

They are only assembled in the USA. Ravin is now owned by a company called Velocity Outdoors. This parent company also owns CenterPoint crossbows. Ravin crossbows are currently designed made and assembled in Superior Wisconsin.12-Jan-2019

How fast is a Ravin R29?

NEW IN 2020 – SILENT COCKING SYSTEMRAVIN R29 Sniper PackageRAVIN 29XSilent Cocking SystemYESYESAxle-To Axle6-Inch6-InchOverall Weight6.75-Pounds6.75-PoundsSpeed430-fps450-fps7 more rows