Does Leupold make a air rifle scope?

Leupold Air Rifle scopes are available in the following models: Leupold VX-II 3-9x33mm Ultralight EFR Riflescope. Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x40mm EFR Target Riflescope.

What does IR mean on a rifle scope?

IR stands for Illuminated Reticle. For riflescopes with this option it is possible to illuminate the reticle to make it easier to see in difficult light conditions.

Do you need a scope on an air rifle?

Why do I need a special air rifle scope? Many high powered air rifles create large amounts of recoil that can damage conventional rifle scopes. Unlike normal rifles air rifles create recoil that travels in two directions.

Do crossbows require special scopes?

Many hunters do successfully mount a riflescope on their crossbow and have good results. However manufacturers design riflescopes for rifles. Crossbows bring different challenges and require different specifications for scopes.