Can you fire a gun underwater ark?

You cant shoot underwater. Just can’t. Gun vs player dino vs dino. The’ve announced to add a harpoon weapon for this purpose.15-Jul-2015

Can you shoot rocket launchers underwater ark?

How much damage does a compound bow do in Ark?

Comp bow / metal arrow ~215 dmg. Without saddle 36 armor . Comp bow / metal arrow ~235 dmg. Damage on Flak Armor 40 forti.29-Jul-2015

What weapons work best underwater?

10 AnswersSpears.Tridents.Harpoons (basically barbed spears)Guns (Yes projectile spewing devices of murder! Well you’ll likely be using pressure to fire ammunition AND due to the already stated principles there’s not much distance they can cover but it’s still a valid principle.)Knives (stabby stabby)04-Dec-2016

Can you knock out a Karkinos with a rocket launcher?

Karkinos. Tips & Strategies To knock this out you need to use a catapult and shoot in only on it’s back. If you shoot it on it’s legs it will kill it. Easy Tame.21-Nov-2020

Do generators work underwater ark?

Can you use a genny underwater? no they don’t work underwater. forges fireplaces and industrial forges will not turn on when in/underwater either. UNLESS they are on a platform saddle for a Plesio and assumedly a Mosasaur.14-Jan-2016

Can Tek rifle destroy heavy turrets?

That is false tek projectiles damage everything in the game upto and including heavy and normal autos. Although the rifle does damage to Stone and Metal structures alike somehow it cannot damage  Auto Turrets (currently).08-Aug-2018

What are Tek turrets good for?

Advantages of Tek turrets:5k ammo capacity.Possibility to exclude certain soakers from getting shot.Lot of per shot damage + splash (can destroy racer boxes)Shred the entire Armor of a player.Knockback of players.Cheap Ammo if you can reliably farm element.03-Jan-2019

What is the strongest gun in Ark?

The Pump-Action Shotgun is one of the most popular and strongest guns in the game. Ammunition can be created at low levels and it can shred through enemies like a knife through butter.20-Jun-2021

What gun does the most damage ark?