Can the industrial grinder make cementing paste?

What is the most useful animal in ARK?

The 10 most helpful creatures in Ark: Survival EvolvedDoedicurus. Our first animal the doedicurus – or doed for brief – is an armadillo-esque mammal usually discovered across the Red Peak Frozen Tooth and Grand Hills areas of The Island. Therizinosaurus. Argentavis. Quetzal. T-rex. Mammoth. Ankylosaurus. Carnotaurus.More items•16-Oct-2017

What is the best Armour ARK?

Test CaseArmor TypePieces in setDamage Reduced ByDesert Cloth Armor566.67%Ghillie Armor561.54%Chitin Armor571.43%Flak Armor583.33%7 more rows

Are compound bows worth it ARK?

Compound bow is now really worth it imo but it wasnt before the organic polymer. With the kairaku you can get the polymer and the polymer for the metal arrows really easy and the arrows you will pickup again atleast most of em. Thing is a longneck with a scope or a machined sniper rifle are better for PvP.17-Jan-2016

What creatures are in Fjordur ark?

CreaturesAndrewsarchus.Acrocanthosaurus.Aurochs.Desmodus.Fenrir.Fjordhawk.Megacerops.Styracosaurus.More items

Can you transfer Dinos to Fjordur?

Yes character transfers will be allowed and then items and creatures will be allowed sometime later.20-May-2022

What Ark map has the best Dinos?

Ragnarok is an extremely large map that has a little bit of everything. It has nice weather environment dinosaurs farming opportunities and much more. It is a great spot for exploring and getting to know the game altogether.01-Jan-2022

Can you net gun a Megalodon?

Can u net a Trex ark?

Anything Rex size or bigger will have no effects. The net may cause hit registration issues if you are trying to knock out the trapped creature.

Can you net gun a Giga?

Tips & Strategies. If you find one to Tame It to kill It.. you can trap one with a net gun.12-Jul-2021