Are crossbows good in Ark?

Crossbow is 100% the best weapon in the game. Outshined in certain roles by other weapons but you’ll use a crossbow more than anything else. Cheap ammo no sway no snared charging for full damage medium damage with a good upgrade over bow.29-Dec-2015

What’s better bow or crossbow ark?

Regular bow is good for around 90 torp per 7 seconds. Crossbow is good for around 150 torp per 7 seconds. They both do the same torpor/damage so from an effieciency standpoint it’s the same. The Xbow fires a bit faster than fully charging the bow and does do more dmg and torpor per shot though.03-Aug-2015

Is a Compound Bow better than a crossbow ark?

Though the Compound Bow has less damage per shot than the Crossbow arrows fired from the Compound Bow fly faster and further as stated in the description.

Is an ascendant Crossbow better than a longneck?

let me be clear use the ascendant crossbow whenever you can. Only times you use longneck is when you need to tame something with low health high torpor. Originally posted by Samadhi: I would go for the Longneck the Xbow will cause too much damage and reduce taming effectiveness maybe even kill it.26-Mar-2021